Stories from the Frontline

We have an advocate from CSH telling a personal story, Angie from the Mayor's office providing the most current information on the  Bridge Housing program, and Tommy Newman will do his 15 minute training on how to talk about housing to the press, neighbors and NIMBYs.  It would be great to add an Imagine LA mentor to provide the service provider's experience.  I have heard that you had a terrific speaker who did a program at Campbell Hall last year.  Do you recall who that was?  I heard from a few people that she was very moving.
We would also like you to host a table during pre and post receptions like we do at the Stories From The Frontline events.  Everyone In, Safe Park LA, St James, and others will also host tables. I'm attaching the Service Providers Participation info.
There will be light appetizers and plenty time for engagement.
The church will be open an hour ahead of time for set up and rehearsal for your mentor.
Please Provide
-Name tags
Tags for all staff/volunteers who will be available to answer questions and provide
-Pamphlets and donation envelopes
Volunteer opportunity, “Take Aways”
Should be clear and concise descriptions of volunteer requirements, including but
not limited to:
Descriptions, i.e.,
- Volunteers needed to be story coach to formerly homeless individuals
- Mentor a family member, provide support, bookkeeping, occupational
support, childcare, etc.
- Office staff support
Each position above should provide specific job requirements, i.e.,
- Number of hours required per day, month, year, etc.
- Description of job
- Any skills, training or education required
- Location
- Parking paid, etc.

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